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Good news website

There are so many news websites. How many of them report on good things that happen around the world/country/city/community?

There is such a lack of “good news” websites. So many people are starving for them. Of course bad news elicits more “emotional interest” as a result more money (to the advertisers). Yet, good news can make you money.

If you have interest in news, a positive attitude, and time to search on the web, then maybe you have found the best website idea for you.

You can find many great things that happened around the world (your country/city/community or special niche that you like). Sometimes you can just read the news and spin it in a more positive point of view.

By creating a “good news” website you will answer people’s needs for positive points of view, help the world to be a better place and also make some money for your own good.

How to earn money from your photos -1 – Do Not Do

Many professional photographers and photography enthusiasts ask themselves how they can translate their talent into money.

Of course there are many ways. In this short article I will explain one of the ways to do it.

What not do in trying to earn money from your photos -1

While searching on the web “how to earn money from your photos” you probably find the idea of sending your photos to a special websites that sells photos.

The idea behind that recommendation is that you will consign your photos to those websites and after they sell your photos you will get X percentage of the sale price.

As a matter of fact this is a bad idea

First, the X percentage of the sale price is very low.

Second, those websites have a lot of photos, So probably they will sell only just a handful of yours photos.

Be aware that those websites are the only ones who actually get a real profit from those deals.

So, you can ask yourselves why that way (selling your photos to websites) looks so popular.

The answer lies in understanding web-marketing: those websites use affiliate programs that pay their affiliates each time that a photographer signs up for their website.

As a result, those affiliates make a lot of effort so that photographers will sign up from their affiliates’t link (for that reason they write many articles, provide testimonials that  photographers earn a lot of money from those articles etc.)


What I want you to take from this article is that as a photographer you do not need to send photos to websites to earn money from your photos.

Searching Services

This idea for a website deals with the question on how to connect the need of searching via internet and how to find the right workers that can do it for a very cheap price.

Many people that study in the university need to search for articles – some of them would love to pay someone to do it for them.

You can qualify some workers from the Philippines that would work for $1 per hour and sell their searching services to those “university people”.

So, the idea of that website is to offer searching services. Those services will cost you almost nothing and you can sell them at a profit.

Cheap searching services: Odesk