How to earn money from your photos -1 – Do Not Do

Many professional photographers and photography enthusiasts ask themselves how they can translate their talent into money.

Of course there are many ways. In this short article I will explain one of the ways to do it.

What not do in trying to earn money from your photos -1

While searching on the web “how to earn money from your photos” you probably find the idea of sending your photos to a special websites that sells photos.

The idea behind that recommendation is that you will consign your photos to those websites and after they sell your photos you will get X percentage of the sale price.

As a matter of fact this is a bad idea

First, the X percentage of the sale price is very low.

Second, those websites have a lot of photos, So probably they will sell only just a handful of yours photos.

Be aware that those websites are the only ones who actually get a real profit from those deals.

So, you can ask yourselves why that way (selling your photos to websites) looks so popular.

The answer lies in understanding web-marketing: those websites use affiliate programs that pay their affiliates each time that a photographer signs up for their website.

As a result, those affiliates make a lot of effort so that photographers will sign up from their affiliates’t link (for that reason they write many articles, provide testimonials that  photographers earn a lot of money from those articles etc.)


What I want you to take from this article is that as a photographer you do not need to send photos to websites to earn money from your photos.

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