This website deals with “Ideas for Websites”

Here you will be able to read about some good ideas for you to create your own website

I hope I will publish at least one good idea per week.

Why am I doing it?

As a website entrepreneur, I find myself frustrated from all the good ideas that I have which I cannot realize, since I have limited resources (time, energy, workers…).

So, I feel that if I can not create all those websites in the next two years at least someone else will be able to do it, in that way those good ideas will not “rot” in my body and mind and maybe they will grow and bloom in the web space.

Simple ideas for websites

As you will read I try to write simple ideas that almost every one with common knowledge can understand. You can pick out your favorite idea and use it to construct your own website.

Some limitation

When coming to write those Ideas for a Websites  I give myself some limitation:


First, you can realize most of my ideas in wordpress templates (or joomle templates or other easy ways to build websites).

If you have not known yet how to buy a domain or install wordpress then you can use Dremhost for that (see…here).


Second, if I suggest to you to do something that needs more knowledge then just using simple wordpress templates I will tell you how to do it. For example I will explain which wordpress plugins to use for specific ideas.


Third, I will not ask you to spend money for realizing my ideas, all of the ideas are easy to use and you don’t need to spend money to realize them.

Hope you will find the Ideas for Websites helpful for your purposes.

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