Monthly Archives: December 2013

Good news website

There are so many news websites. How many of them report on good things that happen around the world/country/city/community?

There is such a lack of “good news” websites. So many people are starving for them. Of course bad news elicits more “emotional interest” as a result more money (to the advertisers). Yet, good news can make you money.

If you have interest in news, a positive attitude, and time to search on the web, then maybe you have found the best website idea for you.

You can find many great things that happened around the world (your country/city/community or special niche that you like). Sometimes you can just read the news and spin it in a more positive point of view.

By creating a “good news” website you will answer people’s needs for positive points of view, help the world to be a better place and also make some money for your own good.